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The Shave products
Fresh Wood

This ain’t no tree sap, but it’s close. Long lasting, 8 hour hold for those important nights out, our Sandalwood Mousse will keep you looking and styling strong.

The Shave products
Super Fresh
Fresh Scent

Let the ladies get in close with our super fresh scent aftershave, which we promise is not as strong as you are.

Mobile Phone

Stunning Design + Focus on Functionality

The Shave theme is built with an eye on design and a focus on functionality, perfect for the shop owner who wants to make a statement.

Easy Navigation

The Shave’s nav takes you where you want to go without confusion, easily and quickly.

Service Oriented

Free support offered with every purchase of the the Shave HTML theme.

Fully Responsive

Show off the on every laptop, desktop, tablet, and smart phone